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Rules & Guidlines

Post by Admin on Sat Feb 11, 2017 7:54 pm

As with all groups and communities, some basic rules and guidelines need to put in place in order to keep the group in order and enjoyable. Please take a moment to read them.

General Rules

1. All players must be over the age of 18.
2. No discrimination of any sort, unless it is meant as banter and is accepted as so also.
3. Try and keep your posts in the relevant thread.
4. Any post or behaviour which has been deemed to be deliberatley discriminating or offensive will be removed and your account deleted. There are no second warnings for unwarrented behaviour.

MLG Matches

1. Our MLG team can only have 12 players registered. To keep it fair and so everyone has the same opportunity to play spaces will be given on a first come, first serve basis, where 6 spaces are reserved for UK/EU players and 6 spaces reserved for US/CA players.
2. On the occasion there is more than 12 players wishing to play the extra players will be placed on a waiting list until a spot becomes available.
3. To ensure the team is full of commited and active players, we operate a '3 strike rule' for no shows. If a player has stated they wish to play a match and does not show up then they will gain a strike. 3 strikes will result in the player being dropped from the team and placed at the bottom of the queue to rejoin. If however, a player who has gained a strike proceeds to attend 3 consecutive matches then their strikes will be rest to 0.
4. Any players caught using bugs or glitches in matches, or carries out any other action which could result in the team forfeiting or being disqualified will result in them being removed from the team and place d at the bottom of the queue to rejoin.
5. Any player can request a match if they would like to play, even without an admin attending. However, to request a match, the player must ensure he has a team to put forward as challenges cannot be posted on the website without stating who will be playing when submitting.

6. If a player has not made the effort to play in a match after each month then they will be contacted by an admin to established whether or not the player still wishes to play. If they do not, or the player does not respond then they will be removed and if/when requested by the player, will be placed at the bottom of the queue to rejoin.


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